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  • I’ve been taking pilates classes with Stephanie for a little over a year now and I have to say that they are the best exercise classes I’ve ever taken! Stephanie is fun, upbeat, and makes working out enjoyable. She is great about making sure that every person in her classes needs are met, and pushes us to improve every time. I’ve been so lucky to be able to take one-on-one classes with Stephanie, in part because she’s a such a great teacher, but also because she’s such a great person! She is so encouraging and loves celebrating her student’s victories with them, no matter how small! Under Stephanie’s guidance I have become much more flexible, outrageously stronger, and more fit overall, and I would not be nearly as far as I am without her!

    - Emily | Event Space Manager

  • I’ve been taking classes from Stephanie since January 2015. As a dancer I love that she too has a background in dance. I have lost almost 20 pounds and my baby belly is starting to shrink. I have tried so many types of exercise to lose the baby weight and I think I’ve finally found my solution.

    - Kamie | Dance Instructor & Photographer

  • Stephanie did a posture analysis and a modified Pilates mat class for my back injury. She was very thorough and definitely knew her stuff. She was also willing to work with my back injury and find out more about which specific exercises would be strengthening or aggravating towards it. I definitely recommend working with her and I’m looking forward to more sessions myself!

    - Zahna | Biologist

  • She is an AMAZING teacher. She explains every move and makes sure no one falls behind. It also helps that she is very enthusiastic about what she does. It is definitely motivating!! 🙂

    - Krystal | Student

  • For my very first Pilates session Stephanie made sure to do a posture analysis, explaining everything every step of the way. After she introduced me to some basic Pilates exercises, helping me to focus on my breathing to perform the moves properly. I am very much looking forward to my next session with Stephanie!

    - Natalie | Health Care Industry

  • Stephanie performed a posture analysis’ and taught an introductory Pilates session to me and I have to say WOW! She was awesome, very sweet and informative I really have a better understanding of my posture and how Pilates can help!!! Our next session will be exercises tailored to my body and posture! I am so excited and can’t wait! If you are searching for a professional instructor who knows her stuff then Stephanie is your girl!

    - Leann | Dance Instructor

  • I had the pleasure of taking a few Pilates Reformer classes (first time) with Stephanie. My experience was great!  She paid close attention to my posture and helped me when I wasn’t sure about a move. The atmosphere was calm and the class was fun. Met several wonderful girls and got a great workout!  I highly recommend Stephanie!

    - Rachel | Group Fitness Instructor

  • Stephanie is a fantastic instructor. She’s very precise with keeping correct form and posture while also concentrating on providing you with a great workout. She is an energetic, kind, and motivating instructor as well. All you could ask for in a great pilates instructor!!

    - Hannah | Athletic Trainer

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