How To: Stick to Your Fitness Goals on Vacation

how to stick to your fitness goals on vacationI have been traveling a lot recently. I feel like I am out of town for something almost every other week. Although traveling is a lot of fun it can wreak havoc on your body and set you back in your fitness goals.

It’s hard enough to stick with your goals when you are home, but when you are out of your comfort zone it’s even more challenging. In this post I am sharing my top tips for keeping your health at the forefront even when you’re traveling.

// Drink water

This one is so simple, but so important. When you are on vacation it’s so easy to forget to drink enough water. Make sure you bring a water bottle on the plane with you {or in the car if it’s a road trip}. Make sure you are drinking 8 ounces of water per hour. Dehydration is one of the most common health hazards that occur when we are traveling. You want to be able to enjoy cocktails by the pool, but you need to make sure you’re hydrated. This past January when I traveled to Europe, I didn’t have enough water on my 10 hour flight. I arrived to Sweden with bags under my eyes, dry skin and extreme fatigue. Take it from me, you don’t want to feel that way when you are heading on a much needed vacation.

// Walk everywhere

I recommend you try to walk at a moderate pace for at least 30 minutes each day of your trip. Recruit your friends or family to walk with you. Walk between sights rather than taking the transit. Take laps around the hotel or pool. Get moving as much as you can, it will help you feel more awake and also help you burn off the calories from the Piña Colada you splurged on the night before.

// Watch what you eat

It’s okay to splurge on vacation! Don’t beat yourself up over having some cocktails or an extra large steak. That is part of what vacations are all about. You do want to be cautious however, to not go completely overboard. If there is a decadent chocolate cake that you can’t resist then have some, but instead of eating the whole slice, eat half of it. Make a deal with yourself that you will have that slice of cake after you have a meal loaded with veggies. Or enjoy those two glasses of wine and save the cake for another night. You don’t want to feel like you’re completely limited, and in fact, research shows that being too restrictive with your diet can be harmful.

// Fit in a workout

Make sure you check out last weeks Booty Poppin’ Workout in case you make your way to the gym in your hotel. This Wednesday I will be posting my favorite travel workout. You can do this workout in the Airport, in your hotel room or on the beach! Stay tuned, and subscribe to my blog to be the first to be notified when this workout goes live.

It’s not too difficult to fit a workout in on vacation, but you have to make it a priority. You can make the time to spend 15 to 20 minutes sweating each day. Why not plan activities that you will enjoy and get a workout in at the same time. On our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, my husband and I hiked, went zip lining, and went snorkeling. We never spent any time in the gym at the resort {which was underground, yuck!}. Even just 2 to 3 activities in a week will help keep you on track with your fitness goals.


// Meditate

Sit on the beach or find a quiet tree to relax under. A lot of times we pack our vacations with so many activities we forget to just enjoy our surroundings. It’s important to take a few moments each day to decompress and reconnect with yourself. Just sit in silence and take a few moments to be grateful for your surroundings. Your mental fitness is just as important as your physical fitness.

There are so many ways that you can keep your health and fitness in mind while traveling. It doesn’t matter if you travel for work or play, being out of your normal routine can throw a wrench in your goals. These tips will help you stay on track and still leave room for you to enjoy your vacation.

Your turn:

What have you done on vacation to try to make healthy choices while still having fun? Where was your favorite summer vacation destination? 

About Stephanie

Stephanie Benton is a STOTT PILATES Certified instructor and recently became a mom! She holds a BA in Dance from California State University Long Beach, and has a passion for helping new moms reconnect with their physical and emotional selves after starting a family. Cohesive Fitness is a place to learn to simplify your life, health and family priorities.
  • Love these tips! I’ll definitely be putting these into effect this holiday weekend 🙂

  • Stephanie

    That is great Heather! I will be using some of your Memorial Day recipe ideas as well! <3

  • These are great ideas. I follow most of them on vacation… except squeezing in a work out. I do like to be active on vacation though, so I think that kayaking or frisbee on the beach equals time spent in the smelly hotel gym.

  • Stephanie

    Kayaking is a great workout for sure! You don’t need to spend time in the less than lovely hotel gym when you can be basking in the glorious sun!! <3

  • V

    Getting me inspired for my next vacation – I’m certainly guilty of splurging so will takes these tips along with me!

  • Great tips! I also like to look ahead at yoga studios or gyms in the area where I will be going and see if in any offer free classes or cheap trial classes during the time that I am there. Often yoga studios will do one class a week of karma yoga that is usually free or only $5!

  • Thanks for the great tips 🙂

  • Ha, just this morning I talked about travelling healthy and the need to chug water basically 24/7. It makes such a difference! But I’m also found that going on runs is a great way to sightsee, as well. Of course, make sure that you’re stick to safe areas and know where you’re going, but I can’t tell you the sights that I’ve been able to see while traveling around Europe that I otherwise would have never experienced (…and I usually hate running!)

  • Stephanie

    Great V!

    Where are you going on vacation? These tips will definitely help!

  • Stephanie

    That is awesome Laura! Way to be prepared! <3

  • Stephanie

    My pleasure Melody!

  • Stephanie


    I am not a runner either, but saw a ton of sights in Europe by walking! We walked 12 miles one day in London and saw Buckingham Palace, the Natural History Museum and Hyde Park all by foot! <3

  • Anonymous

    Great reminders, Stephanie!

  • Stephanie

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed the post.

  • Even If I am not on vacation I love these tips for everyday keep up fitness!! Wonderful!

  • Stephanie

    Thanks Amber! Glad you enjoyed the post!

  • T austin

    oh man I can so relate! I really need to drink more (water) and eat less especially

  • Stephanie

    Drinking water helps you feel satiated which will control how much you eat. Many people get really dehydrated on vacation which leads to feeling hungry when you are just thirsty. Aim to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces daily!

  • Great tips! I seem to always turn off weight loss mode when I go on vacation and that’s a problem! It’s all in balance I guess! Thanks for sharing! xox Christine | Amidst the Chaos

  • Stephanie

    Moderation is key! <3

  • Great tips! I find it really difficult to remember to drink enough and I’m always stressing over the fact I’m not at home so don’t feel in my routine with workouts! But with technology and youtube we can always have a workout video ready, I just need to remember and not stress!

  • Stephanie

    You’re right Annie! I also just posted my favorite travel workout! Check it out on my blog. I think you’ll really like it!

  • Great tips! I find that we walk a ton when we are on holiday, but I get so busy that I forget to drink until I feel like I am practically dying of thirst. I will have to try meditating next time we are somewhere peaceful, like the beach. Thanks for sharing them .

  • Stephanie

    We walk a lot on vacation too, which is awesome! Definitely more walking than in everyday life! With the water, try bringing a water bottle with a filter with you, then you can fill it up anywhere! <3

  • Kim

    Hey Stephanie!
    I always fight with myself between the ‘vacation mentality’ and fitness goals mindset. Whenever I totally fall off the wagon I always regret it! Thanks for linking up on Tuesday!

  • You have great tips here, Stephanie. Keep them coming….I need all the inspiration I can get in this department!
    We have been doing a lot of camping trips and bring our bikes along. It’s fun for the kids and parents and a good way to take in more detail from the awesome scenery around us!

  • Stephanie


    Biking is a great way to see more and be active! Way to go! I want to go camping this Summer with my husband, we have never been camping together before but both love it. It’s weird how that works out! LOL.