Why Girlfriend Getaways are Important

why-girlfriend-getaways-are-important-cohesivefitnessWhen is the last time you had a getaway with just your girlfriends? If you’re like me, you can’t remember. Life always gets in the way of fun it seems, and going on a trip with our girlfriends ends up the last thing on the to-do list.

Today I am heading to the airport with my best friend, getting ready to head to Las Vegas for our first girlfriend getaway ever! We have been best friends for 6 years and have known each other since middle school, so this has been a long time coming!

I do think girlfriend getaways are an absolute necessity as we get older. I remember being young and always having sleepovers, going on camping trips with Girl Scouts, and spending a lot of time with my friends exploring new things.

As adulthood has set in, these experiences have become few and far between. We all have significant others, jobs and responsibilities that never used to encumber us.

why-girlfriend-getaways-are-important2Here are the top reasons I think girlfriend getaways are important.

// You can reconnect.
When else would you have time with your friends for a weekend or even a week without real life stepping in the way? This is the perfect time to catch up with each other. You will rediscover the bond that created your friendship in the first place. My best friend Jen and I met in middle school and became best friends about 6 years ago. We see each other almost every weekend, but usually with other friends around too. I am so excited to have this one-on-one time to just hang out!

// It’s good for your soul.
Studies have shown that the bond between women is critical to their physical and mental health. When you can spend a lot of time with your girlfriends, especially on a vacation, your happiness levels will soar. It’s wonderful to vacation with family, but it’s something else when you go with your girls. Take time to laugh together, try something new, and enjoy your friendship. When you get back home, work and chores will get in the way, make the most of the time you have on a vacation.

// You are most likely on the same page.
Have you ever gone on vacation with your love, and thought you would be enjoying fine dining and a show, only to discover he bought tickets to a monster truck rally? That’s a terrible example, but this situation would not happen {I don’t think} when you go with your girlfriends. I know for me, my husband and I enjoy a lot of different things. It’s great most of the time, but sometimes you just want to do things with people who are on the same page as you! There isn’t anything wrong with that, that is why we have ladies night, so why not make a weekend out of it. Your guy might miss you a bit, but that could be an added bonus when you get home.

// It’s like a slumber party.
I am going to be real for a minute. Who doesn’t think it would be awesome to have all your adult girlfriends over for a slumber party? You can watch Clueless, Mean Girls and whatever other movie you want, eat brownies, and stay up until 11pm {I can’t make it much longer than this anymore}. Going on a girlfriend getaway is sort of like the sleepovers from our childhood, except this time alcohol can be involved. 🙂

So if you have been thinking about planning that girls trip but hesitating, I personally give you permission to finalize those plans. Summer is coming and there is no better time to reconnect with your girlfriends and have a great time! While you’re on your trip, check out my favorite travel workout as well as my tips to keep up with your fitness goals on vacation!


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Stephanie Benton is a STOTT PILATES Certified instructor and recently became a mom! She holds a BA in Dance from California State University Long Beach, and has a passion for helping new moms reconnect with their physical and emotional selves after starting a family. Cohesive Fitness is a place to learn to simplify your life, health and family priorities.
  • I never actually gone on a girls’ trip! My husband and I like to do most of the same things, so I am content to hang out with him. But he will be traveling for work more (after he officially moves into the next level of management at his company), so I think I could benefit from finding a couple of nearby gal-pals.

    ~ Robin

  • It is a lot of fun. I just returned home from my girls trip to Vegas with my best friend and we had a blast!