Friday Favorites #3: Week of 5/29

This week has been a strange and awesome one at the same time. In San Diego, we had the coldest Memorial Day that I can remember in recent years. We still barbecued but in boots and sweaters. We are a little backwards because Christmas was 85 degrees.
Also, I am now on vacation in Las Vegas where it is sweltering around 97 degrees! I am pretty sure I will catch some sort of cold from the flip flopping weather we have been having lately. I will go ahead and just dive right in with my favorites this week!
  • POM Super Tea!

POM was so wonderful to send me some coupons to try out their new Super Tea! This one in particular is my absolute favorite! I love pomegranate and sweet tea, so to have them combined is outstanding. I found these beauties in my local Von’s so check stores near you and give ’em a try!

  • Leg Day!

If you saw my Booty Poppin’ Workout, you will know I have been doing 2 leg days a week. The first leg day is focused on quads and hamstrings while the second leg day is just “da butt”. I am naturally curvy in my lower body, but I want to build my glutes up. Having two leg days a week though means that I am never fully recovered and have just been walking strange all over. Kinda like this guy:


  • Grapes

I am really not much of a grape person, I tend to lean towards strawberries. This week, I have been eating tons of grapes. I may actually turn into one! They are just tasting really good, and after about a month of eating nothing but strawberries for my fruit, its a nice change.


Well, since I have a “Booty” day at the gym, it only seemed fitting. I alternate between a Booty Poppin’ Playlist and this awesomeness! Check it out, and if you don’t get beast mode in the gym I will be surprised. 😀

  • This picture of my pup.

This is Luna, she will be four in August and she is a rescue from Tijuana. We adopted her when she was only four months old, and she is such a little joy in our lives. This is her snuggling next to me. I love her to pieces.


Here are my favorite CF posts this week!

Better believe I did this workout this week! the-only-travel-workout-you-need


summer deals!

I am needing this after all these leg days! <3

The Benefits of Foam Rolling at
Well I hope you enjoy this roundup of my favorite things of the week. Don’t forget to check out Life in Leggings linkup every Friday! I wish you all a great weekend from Vegas! I will be traveling home tomorrow to see my husband and fur babies! I can’t wait! Until next time!
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  • Amber Hillis

    I LOVE the booty poppin’ playlist idea! How great! I am totally going to use these workouts. Thanks stephanie for sharing.

  • Happily Ever Rushed

    I wanted to try the POM juice..great post

  • Stephanie

    You’re welcome Amber! Hope you enjoy them! I will be starting to make my own workout playlists to share really soon!

  • Stephanie

    You’re welcome! The POM teas are really great!

  • Chelsea

    I am obsessed with grapes!!! OMG.

  • Stephanie

    Haha yes, they are amazing!

  • Haha! Yes they are so good!

  • The POM SuperTeas are delicious! I have tried the Sweet Tea and the Honey Green Tea and both were yummy. Check them out!

  • Haha thank you! 🙂 I will be posting some of my own workout playlists soon so keep your eyes peeled! 😉

  • aww Luna is too cute! We’ve been talking about getting a dog, but I just don’t know if we have the time right now.

    Midwest Darling

  • Yes we love her so much! She brings so much to our lives, but she is a lot of responsibility too. I also have a kitty named Beau who is much less maintenance but equally cute. <3

  • Thanks Sierra & Faith. I do love my little pup.

  • That POM juice sounds amazing but dayum that zebra pic made me laugh pretty hard. 😛

  • Yes, I feel like a baby zebra after leg day! LOL

  • HAHA Katie! I just did legs again yesterday with an emphasis on glutes, and man oh man it hurts to even be sitting! Can’t win!