Happy National Best Friends Day!

Happy National Best Friends Day!

I thought today would be the best day to post a recap of my recent trip to Las Vegas with my best friend Jen! I don’t think either of us realized how much we needed this trip. It was our first time ever going anywhere just the two of us without her son or my husband. πŸ™‚

I will just jump right into the recap of everything we did on this trip!



  • 4pm – Arrive in Las Vegas at Harrah’s Hotel & Casino

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of Harrah’s. I recently stayed at the Rio for a business trip and thought the room was absolutely disgusting. Rio and Harrah’s are both part of the Cesar’s Hotel Group, so I wan’t expecting a lot, but our room was nice and the hotel was relatively small compared to others. There were so many food outlets to choose from, with decent prices so we never spent too much on our meals.

  • 4:30pm – Eat at Guy Fieri’s Vegas

Okay you guys, this place is good. If you like BBQ and Chili and Cornbread, I really recommend the food here! Jen and I shared a Fishbowl of their Austin Sweet Tea {alcoholic of course} and the straws were so ridiculous. We kept getting poked in the eyeball with them!


We also shared the Ultimate Asian Chicken Wraps and the Motley Que Sandwich. I am glad we shared because the sandwich was massive. I don’t think either of us could have made it through that alone! It was delicious! The pickles on the pulled pork were unexpected but welcome.

  • 6pm – Walk the Strip + Starbucks

We were really struggling this day. We aren’t huge drinkers, but the drink we had at lunch wiped us out. Jen had a Starbucks Refresher and I had a giant water! I immediately felt better. The weather was about ninety-seven degrees or more each day we were there. Too hot for us San Diegans!


  • 10am – Pool Time

For breakfast we just had Starbucks oatmeal and yogurt and Carmel Macchiatos. Those are both of our weaknesses. Jen actually gets the Hazelnut Macchiato and I like the Carmel one. We headed down to the pool and guzzled water. Took us a bit to find chairs, but we sat in the shallow pool to cool off. Here is us hanging at the pool. πŸ™‚


  • 1pm – Lunch at Yardhouse

We had lunch and drinks at Yardhouse. The funny thing was, our lunch special was cheaper than our drinks! My lunch special cost $9.85 and my drink was $10! I ordered a Caipirinha which is Brazils national cocktail made of cachaça, sugar and lime. Mine was actually made with agave and so it was a healthier alternative and under 150 calories. It was good but strong, perfect for Vegas!


  • 8pm – Chippendales

We took a shuttle over to the Rio to seethe Chippendales performance. It was my best friends 29th birthday and she had never been, so it was on the top of her list. We got cheap tickets in the back {all seats are good here} but they ended up moving us right to the front of the stage. If you are a single lady, or even if not, this is a good place to be lol! They are literally right on top of you. The entertainment value was good, and I would say it was on the classier end of the spectrum than what I was expecting. It was only two of us, so if it were a larger group it would have been even more fun.




  • Midnight – Off The Strip

We caught the late night happy hour at Off The Strip and I have to say it was good. We got a Hummus appetizer and chicken strips for only $7 each. I also ended up getting a craft beer that happens to be from San Diego. It’s Pizza Ports Chronic Ale. It was really good, I haven’t even had it here in San Diego, but next time I go to Pizza Port I have a new favorite. If you are ever in San Diego, make sure you try Pizza Port! πŸ™‚


  • 10am – Wake Up

We slept in this day. We were exhausted from the pool, alcohol and screaming at half naked men the night before. You can tell we are getting older because we spent most of the afternoon in our room just napping, watching HGTV and eating. We don’t feel guilty about it one bit. My best friend Jen has a son, so it was heaven to her to just be lazy for a day.

  • 7pm – Thunder From Down Under

After a quick snack and drink break at Bucca di Beppo inside of the Excalibur, we saw Thunder from Down Under. Jen claimed she had to compare and contrast the two shows. This one was also entertaining. It is a little raunchier than Chippendales with more audience interaction, but the men weren’t as good looking and they ran around in man thongs. I don’t know about you, but man thongs are not attractive to me. I preferred the boxer briefs that the Chippendales dancers were in. πŸ˜›

  • 10pm Gilly’s at Treasure Island

I love country music and line dancing, so I was happy to come here. Jen met a guy she finds attractive there, and I just lined danced my butt off. Here is me guzzling tons of water:


Gilly’s is one of my favorite places to go in Las Vegas because they have live music and a laid back vibe. No need for mini skirts and sky high leather boots here!


  • 1pm – Bye Vegas!

We left this day. I enjoyed being in Vegas Wednesday-Friday because it started to get packed on Friday afternoon. The first half of our trip was a lot more quiet and relaxed.

Here we are looking tired and just wanting to be home in our own beds:


I had so much fun with my best friend on our first girlfriend getaway together. I know she had a lot of fun too. I wish all of you a happy National Best Friends Day today!

You turn!

What is the best memory you have with your best friend?


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  • SD Mom

    What a fun trip! Pizza port Chronic is one of my favorite too! Even better from a draft with Pizza Port pizza!

  • I definitely need to try it as a draft for sure! <3