5 Pool Party Essentials

5 Pool Party Essentials || CohesiveFitness.comWith the 4th of July coming up next weekend already, we are already planning a pool party for my husbands birthday this weekend. On the 4th, we will be spening the day at the fair, but more than likely will be in the pool on Sunday the 5th. 🙂

The weather here in San Diego has been so amazing the past week. I have spend a lot of time at the beach and hiking near the beach. Here is a picture from yesterday’s hike at Torrey Pines.
5 Pool Party Essentials || CohesiveFitness.com

I have put together a list of 5 things you need to have a great pool party, whether you are planning one for the 4th of July or any other time this summer. Here are the things I make sure to have on hand when hosting a pool party {which is normally at my sister-in-laws house…they are the ones with a pool lol}.

5 Pool Party Essentials

//Awesome Floats

There are SO many fun options for pool floats out there! I can’t even believe it. My nieces and nephews have inflatable jet skis that actually move around the pool! Why not think about getting a few funky floats for your guests to hang out on. I am particularly fond of this flamingo float from Funboy.
5 Pool Party Essentials || CohesiveFitness.com



If you don’t have watermelon at a pool party then shame on you! Just kidding. But for me anyway watermelon seems like an absolute must on a hot day especially if you are BBQing. AND if you put Tajin on your watermelon you get bonus points! If you live in southern California and don’t know what Tajin is, go get some NOW! You’re welcome.

//Sun Protection

Please do not forgo sunscreen! I just got burnt on my shoulders from yesterdays hike at Torrey Pines, because I figured I wouldn’t need sunscreen. Big mistake!

There are all kinds of sunscreen options available to you today. I like the spray on kind because it is just so convenient you don’t have to take much time to rub it in. My current favorite is the Citrus Mimosa Sunscreen Spray by Coola! It smells oh so good! It is a little on the pricy side, so if you want a more affordable option Coppertone is always a good one.

5 Pool Party Essentials || CohesiveFitness.com//Waterproof Speaker

If you’re having a pool party or attending one, you know you need to have music. It’s best to get a portable speaker that is waterproof in case the water makes its way out of the pool. 🙂 I love this one from Boom Movement.

5 Pool Party Essentials || CohesiveFitness.com



//Pool Party Playlist

Of course I have taken the liberty of putting together my ideal pool party playlist. 🙂 Feel free to use mine, or create your own! Spotify is one of my favorite creations. I love being able to create customized playlists with virtually any music I like. I have a paid subscription which does give me some more flexibility. I create playlists for my Pilates classes, and have now created this Pool Party Playlist. I hope you enjoy! What songs would you add to your playlist?

Check out my Pool Party Playlist on Spotify here! 
5 Pool Party Essentials || CohesiveFitness.comYour Turn:

What would you put on your Pool Party Playlist? What would be on your must have list for a pool party? 

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  • Watermelon is my FAVORITE summer treat! I could seriously eat it for days and it’s definitely necessary for a successful pool party!

  • Thank you both! Our weather has been weird and muggy here in San Diego, which is totally uncommon. Hot and humid with thunderstorms. Hope you had a nice weekend too!


  • Tinted lip balm is awesome! Do you go with a subtle one or a vibrant one?


  • Yes and if you haven’t yet you MUST try it with Tajin. We are all a little Mexican here in San Diego lol.


  • It depends on my mood; I like both 🙂 subtle for everyday, bold for days out by the pool or evenings 🙂 you?

  • Same! <3