Dreaming Big Part 2 – Plan Your Adventure

Dreaming Big {Mini Series} Part 2: Plan Your Adventure || www.CohesiveFitness.com

Dreaming Big Part 2: Plan Your Adventure


Now that we have discussed setting your intentions in last weeks post, it’s time to create a roadmap for discovering your true purpose in life! I believe we are all here for different reasons and so much of the time we just don’t know what our true calling really is!

This week we are learning how to create a plan that will lead us to true happiness. Last week I mentioned that intentions are a bit different than goals because it’s more about how you wish to feel rather than what you see yourself doing. This week, we are going to focus more on the actions that will bring you the feelings of peace, love and utter joy that you are seeking.

//Set long term goals

Now is the time to start setting some goals. Is your intention to become happier? What are some things that will make you happier? For me, it was having more time freedom to be able to dive into my passion projects – which meant leaving my full time job. Once you can get clear on what specific actions will create the feelings you desire, you can start to make goals.

First, you will want to set your long term goals. I recommend sticking to only one or two goals at a time – seriously. These are things you hope to achieve within the next year. I wouldn’t set goals any further than that because as I mentioned in the post about intentions, you need to be able to adjust as things develop. Things change in our lives all the time, and you may find that happiness in a way you wouldn’t even imagine. Give yourself room for flexibility.

Dreaming Big {Mini Series} Part 2: Plan Your Adventure || www.CohesiveFitness.com

//Create a to-do list

Once you have set your long term goals, it is time to break those down into smaller more manageable goals. If losing forty pounds is going to make you feel more confident, what are the small things you can start doing today to reach that larger goal. Perhaps you are going to reduce your sugar intake by only getting sugars from fruit. Once you have that on track, you can focus on another small step to move forward.

Don’t be too hard on yourself with this to-do list either. I know it’s hard not to get discouraged when things don’t seem to change immediately. Whether it’s your weight or your job or anything else, change is uncomfortable and it takes time. Give yourself permission to take things slow. If you try to change too much at once, it will be so much harder to stick to anything you intend.

//Make a vision board

To plan your adventure, it’s a great idea to not only have a to-do list, but to also visualize your intentions and goals. Get a poster board from your local store, or even create a Pinterest boardย and label it whatever you want. My vision board is my CohesiveFitness.com Pinterest board! I love sharing and informing. One of my intentions was to be able to educate others. I get to do that everyday via this blog as well as my Pilates classes.

Make it as full or minimalistic as you want! ToneItUp has a great post sharing a bunch of wonderful vision boards if you need some inspiration!

Dreaming Big {Mini Series} Part 2: Plan Your Adventure || www.CohesiveFitness.com

//Get to work

Well, duh. ๐Ÿ™‚

This is the obvious last step of this plan your adventure post! You do need to put in some work to make your dreams a reality. Having your intentions set is a big part of the puzzle, but creating a roadmap to follow your dreams is also important. In general, we are timid when it comes to pushing the envelope and trying something new. I challenge you to take that first step to realizing your dreams. Start small, and you will see that very quickly when you continue to focus on your intentions and start taking steps forward, your dreams will come true before you know it!

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  • Gina Booton

    Great post! I love how you focus on specific, tangible ways to get started.

  • Creating a to-do list is essential in EVERYTHING that I do. If I don’t write it down, it doesn’t get done!! :-/

  • I am the same Taylor. My brain can only store so much information in it so writing it down is essential. Plus, since things evolve so much what I wanted to accomplish a week ago may not be a priority anymore to new things lol.

  • Thanks Gina! Specific tangible things are what help me, so I love sharing things that I think work. They may not be for everyone, but I like to feel like I am taking steps in the right direction. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Jill!

    Thanks for the link-up info, I will check it out this week! <3

    I just posted the third installment in the series today! Sorry it took me so long to reply, I didn't realize Disqus put some comments in a separate area waiting for approval! :O


  • Gina,

    Thank you! I work in very tangible ways so these helped me, but also letting go of control helps also! I think this series is a little of both, the right balance! I am glad you enjoyed!

    <3 Stephanie

  • I will be coming back to this mini series! I want to try to create a focus board.

  • Two thumbs way up Ashley!

    <3 Steph