5 Fit Girl Problems We Can All Relate To

As a Pilates instructor who recently left a corporate career, my struggles seem so different now that they did working in a 9-5 setting {and teaching on top of that}. Nonetheless, the struggle is real. If you are a fitness instructor, personal trainer, or fitness fanatic, you should be able to relate to at least two […]

Happy National Best Friends Day!

Happy National Best Friends Day! I thought today would be the best day to post a recap of my recent trip to Las Vegas with my best friend Jen! I don’t think either of us realized how much we needed this trip. It was our first time ever going anywhere just the two of us […]

Friday Favorites #4 – Week of 6/5

Happy Friday! This has been a busy week that has flown by too fast! I have started teaching at a new Pilates studio in San Diego {keeping my other classes} and also covered some classes for a few other instructors. In between that, I have been working on this site, networking and freelancing {social media […]