Beach Day Pilates / HIIT Workout

On Wednesdays I like to SWEAT!

Today I am on my way to the Idea World Fitness Convention and Fitness BlogFest! I can’t contain my excitement! I will be taking lectures and workshops such as Building a Better Booty, Pilates Bodyweight Training, Isolation vs. Integration and Sedentary to Superhero!! All of these courses will help me improve the quality of content I deliver to you, as well as to my in person clients! I love learning {like…a lot}, and so being a Pilates and fitness instructor challenges me to get out of my comfort zone!

Lets get into workout mode now.

It’s been a little while since I posted my Booty Poppin’ Workout, and this week I wanted to come back and give you a workout you can do anywhere! We will be working up a great sweat in this Beach Day Pilates/HIIT workout. I am combining Pilates exercises with cardio moves to challenge your stability, stamina and endurance. You can do this workout anywhere as NO equipment is needed. My preferred spot is the beach, the sand will actually create more of a challenge for some of the exercises {a sandbox works too}. Just make sure you bring a yoga mat of some variety with you!

I hope that you love this workout and work up a good sweat! Try it out with my Pool Party Playlist for some good summery sweat and fun! Also, you can see the descriptions of each exercise below the photo.

Beach Day Pilates HIIT workout

Beach Day Pilates/HIIT Workout


Warm Up

Start laying on your back, legs bent with feet flat on the mat.


Place your hands on your abdominals and inhale through your nose expanding into the sides and back of your ribs. Let your stomach rise as you fill your lungs with air. Next, exhale slowly through pursed lips like you’re blowing out a candle. Activate your deep abdominal muscles (know as your transverse abdominis). Repeat 10 times total.

Arm Circles

Reach your hands to the ceiling, and then bring them back by your ears and circle them down to your hips. Repeat this 5 times, then reverse directions for 5. Keep your abs engaged and ribs down.

Toe Taps

Lift your legs to table top aligning your knees over your hips and feet in line with your knees. Keeping the abs strong, lower one foot down to the ground and tap the toes as you inhale, then exhale and bring the leg back to table top. Alternate legs, 5 reps on each leg.

Hip Rolls

Laying on your back bring your feet onto the ground, knees up to the ceiling. Engage your glutes and begin tucking your tailbone under you as you begin to lift your hips to the ceiling rolling through the spine one vertebrae at a time. Inhale to hold and then exhale to roll all the way back down. Try to roll each section of your spine down at a time rather than just lowering your hips. 5 reps.

Circuit One

Squat Jumps

Start standing, feet a little wider than hips, toes pointing forward. Squat down without letting your knees go in front of your toes. Press into your heels and jump off of the ground with an explosive movement. Return to the squat. Repeat for 1 minute.

Heel Lifts

From your squat position, angle your feet so they are slightly turned out {sumo squat position}. Hold your squat as low as you can, engaging your glutes, hamstrings and core. Lift your right heel up and hold for a beat, then lower and switch sides. Stay low in your squat through the whole exercise. Repeat for 1 minute.

Half Roll Back

Sitting on the ground upright, bring your knees bent in front of you, feet on the ground. Reach your arms straight ahead. Take an inhale to prepare, exhale and tuck your tailbone under rolling halfway down your back. Don’t roll all the way to the ground. Inhale as you sit back up. Repeat 20 reps.


Once you finish the half roll back, roll all the way onto your back. Lift both legs to table top, and curl your head/neck/shoulders off the mat so you are looking over your knees. Reach your hands past your hips and pump your arms up and down vigorously while trying to keep your torso still. Inhale for 5 counts and exhale for 5 counts. Repeat the breath pattern 10 times through to equal 100.

Repeat Circuit One 2x through.

Circuit Two

Mountain Climbers

Come into a plank position on your hands. Bring the right knee into your chest, then quickly switch and bring the left knee in. Repeat for 1 minute.


Coming back into your plank {choose forearms or hands and choose knees or feet down}. Engage your core and lightly activate your glutes. Hold your plank for 1 minute or more if you want more challenge.


One of my favorite Pilates exercises. Laying onto your stomach, extend your arms and legs out straight into an “X” shape. Lift the right arm and left let up, then switch sides. Move quickly here and breath in for 5 counts and out for 5 counts. Repeat the breath sequence through for 5 sets.

Pilates Pushups

Coming into a plank on your hands, either knees down or feet down. You will lower down into a push-up for 3 counts, then press up for 1 count. Repeat 5 times through, take a mini break, then reverse it. Reverse is lowering down in 1 count and coming up slowly in 3 counts. Repeat reverse 5 times through.

Repeat Circuit Two 2x.

Cool Down

Repeat the warm up exercises for your cool down. Make sure to break deeply into the belly slowly to help reset your nervous system.


Alright folks, there you have it, a Pilates / HIIT workout! I sincerely hope you enjoy this! I love to cross train, and even though I am a Pilates instructor I advocate using several forms of physical fitness to keep you challenged and motivated! This workout combines my love of Pilates with some heart pounding moves to get you sweating and bikini ready in no time.

Coming up this week:

Make sure you stay tuned for Friday’s post where I will be going over how to streamline your getting ready routine after the gym!

Your turn:

Share with me what you love about this workout or what your favorite workouts are! I love discovering new workouts, and would love to learn some of your favorites! Have you ever tried a Pilates reformer class? 

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