How 3 Months of Blogging Have Changed Me

how three months of blogging have changed me pinAugust 1st, 2015 marked the start of month four for Cohesive Fitness! This is honestly the longest project I think I may have ever stuck to, unless it was choreographing a dance. I have started countless blogs over the years. I blogged about food and fashion, but I never really felt completely inspired by either. When faced with leaving my corporate job {I know this is a recurring theme around here}, I started Cohesive Fitness as a way to keep me writing and engaged as I entered a new chapter of my life. I was terrified but at the same time excited about the possibilities the future holds.

Since starting Cohesive Fitness, I have seen my in person Pilates classes increase in size and my blog readership increase by over 100%. I have met new BBFs {best blogging friends} and attended Blogfest Fitness Blogger Conference. I could not be more grateful for the changes that have happened in my life over these past three months, and I owe a lot of that to the readers who have kept coming back to this blog. I wanted to spend some time today reflecting on all the positive ways blogging has changed my life for the better. If you are considering starting your own blog, I encourage you to do so. It doesn’t matter who reads it, but it is one of the most amazing therapeutic processes I have encountered!

//It’s helped me come out of my shell

I am a pretty shy person when it comes to putting myself into situations with people I don’t really know. I am outgoing when surrounded by friends, but have always found it difficult to make new ones. Over the past three months, I have not only met some other incredible bloggers, but I have made friends in the process. We are spread all over the world, but they are people who can understand the struggles of trying to constantly create valuable content that our readers want to consume.

Without Cohesive Fitness, I wouldn’t have reached out to Merrithew Health and Fitness {STOTT Pilates} about a potential partnership. I wouldn’t have encountered amazing brands such as KIND and Siggi’s, and be able to offer contests and giveaways in the future – keep your eyes out for those! I have loved every moment of becoming a more fearless and outgoing person.

//My writing has improved

When I started Cohesive Fitness, I was writing for myself. Slowly that has transitioned into writing for YOU! There are blogs out there that are amazing and share updates of what they are doing in their lives, but when I started out I knew I wanted to create a place that would use my life experiences to help others. This is why I have created such posts as the Dreaming Big Mini Series, and my tips on How to Boost Your Body Image. These are personal experiences I wanted to share so I could give advice on what I learned, and how you can make positive changes in your own lives. Cohesive Fitness is a far cry from the fashion blog I had started in 2012. I finally found my passion which is helping others, and my writing has improved because I LOVE what I am writing about.

how three months of blogging have changed me

//I am a little smarter

With each post I share, I do a lot of research behind the scenes before the post goes live. This has helped me learn and grow in all areas. I admit that I LOVE being in school or classes. Actually, a little known fact about me is that a few years ago I decided to get my Real Estate license (still active). Then I started taking Pilates certification courses, and now I am getting ready to start training to become a personal trainer. I am also a freelance community manager who works with brands to improve their social media presence.

My philosophy is that you always should be learning and adapting. Things change so rapidly, especially in the health and fitness industry. If you have one takeaway from this post today, let it be to never stop learning and improving yourself.

//I am happier

Oh my gosh am I so much happier than I was six months ago! Six months ago I was overworked and undermining my own health in the process. To have the freedom now to be able to choose what projects I wish to work on and to just take a break if I need to. I will say, being self-employed is harder than any 9-5 job though because you don’t know where your next check is coming from. That said, it’s so rewarding in the long run and I feel fulfilled with my life right now.


Three Month Stats – Cohesive Fitness

//July 2015 Blog Stats

Pageviews: 3,251 (142% increase over May)
Users: 1,915 (116% increase over month May)
Pages Per Session: 1.45
Most Popular Post: 5 Tips to Make Your Mornings Sparkle

//June 2015 Blog Stats

Pageviews: 2,198
Users: 1,290
Pages Per Session: 1.35
Most Popular Post: 5 Fit Girl Problems We Can All Relate To

// May 2015 Blog Stats

Pageviews: 1,340
Users: 883
Pages Per Session: 1.33
Most Popular Post: The Ultimate Guide to Dreaming Big

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Stephanie Benton is a STOTT PILATES Certified instructor and recently became a mom! She holds a BA in Dance from California State University Long Beach, and has a passion for helping new moms reconnect with their physical and emotional selves after starting a family. Cohesive Fitness is a place to learn to simplify your life, health and family priorities.
  • Wow, congratulations! Those stats are a major improvement and definitely something to be extremely proud of!!

  • Thank you Taylor! I appreciate your positivity and light!

  • Rhiannon,

    I have also been treating mine as a full time job! It’s so fun to create and change things however you wish, but also a challenge because I am constantly tweaking and making improvements! <3


  • Awesome! This is why I love blogging so much; it literally can do SO much good for the soul! I am so much happier now that I’ve quit my job and am blogging full time! And look at your stats grow! So impressive!

  • You really pointed out some of the greatest things blogging has done for me as well (: I think it is so awesome how the internet can make the world so much smaller so we can form relationships with people all over the world! Congrats on your stats girl! That’s an awesome growth (:

  • Chelsie,

    Thanks so much my dear! I think its easy to get tripped up in comparing what other bloggers stats look like that have been blogging for years. I try to remind myself that sharing valuable content and writing about what I love is so much more valuable and will shine through to my readers! <3


  • Thanks Amanda!

    Yes the blogging community has been so great! Everyone is so lovely and it’s nice to have people who understand the struggle with producing a good blog. 🙂


  • yanique

    Congrats on sticking to blogging. I’ve seen so many bloggers throw in the towel after a couple of months. It’s hard work! I think it’s great all the positive changes you’ve experienced since starting your blog. I wish you continued success 🙂

  • Yanique,

    Thanks girl. It is a tough road, and it’s not my source of income yet but I am passionate about it and am having so much fun! It is a lot of work though, which is something a lot of people don’t realize.


  • adailydoseoffit

    Love this! Blogging is so much fun…I’m glad you’re doing it for the RIGHT reasons…and sticking to those reasons. Congrats for developing an inspiring (and beautiful) site. So happy to have met you at BlogFest! When can we see each other again?! I hope someday that happens!

  • Tara,

    I LOVED meeting you too!