Will You See Results Because You’re Sore?

will you see results because youre soreHere is a question I hear often as a Pilates instructor. “Is being sore after my workout a good thing? Does it mean I will see results?” The answer is not always yes.

We typically equate being sore to mean that we worked our muscles hard. However, being too sore could actually be a deterrent to your overall results. OH MY GOSH. Yes I said it. I hear so many people talk about how they love being super sore as if it’s a sign thatthey got a good workout. Proving to them that soon they will see the results they are looking for. My question is, have you ever used being sore as an excuse to skip your next workout? I know I have done it. Getting in a great workout is not necessarily indicative that you will start seeing results.

So what do you need to do to?

The key to getting results is consistency


It is much more effective for your overall results for you to be able to workout everyday or every other day rather than killing it one day and not being able to walk for another four. As I have mentioned before, I have been incorporating a lot more than just Pilates and weight training into my routine this past month. It’s been hard. Really hard. I have had to learn to pace myself because my competitive nature makes me want to be the fastest and strongest in the room. Well when I push myself to the max in these circuit style training sessions, I get nauseous and light headed. My body just isn’t adapted to this kind of movement right now. Finding activities that will get you moving on a regular basis will be more beneficial to long term results. An example would be riding a bike to and from work if that is a possibility.

will i see results if i am sore

Don’t push yourself so hard that you can’t walk out of the gym

Last week I talked about pushing your limits, but I wasn’t referring to overtraining. By pacing myself throughout these strenuous workouts I am still able to complete them, and show my face at the gym again the next day ready to train. You should never be pushing yourself so hard that you can’t even walk out of the gym once your workout is complete. Make sure you take your time, find your rhythm and pace yourself.

How you can tell when you’re about to overdo it

Your muscles might be shaking on your second set, or your form has become completely out of whack. There is something to be said about lifting heavier and getting stronger, but you want to make sure you can sustain each rep in each set all the way through. Your last two reps should be challenging but not impossible. Also, if you are doing cardio and keeping your heart rate up at 85% of its max for a whole 30 minutes, you may want to consider trying intervals or LISS so your body is able to recover. Again remember, one hardcore cardio session won’t be as good as four lower intensity sessions throughout the week.

So to conclude, yes you should be a little sore after a workout. That is the muscles working to rebuild and become stronger. You don’t want to be so sore that you need to take a week off after your workout. Remember that results will come from consistency and hard work. The tortoise always wins the race.

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  • Great post! I’m usually extremely sore when I try new weight exercises for the first time in a while, like if I’m starting a new program. But by week 2 it’s not that bad 🙂

  • Lisa,

    Yes you will be sore from changing up your routine! Being sore is totally okay, I just don’t recommend pushing yourself so hard every time that you can’t workout for another 4 days after. Being able to work out consistently 3-6 times a week is what will help you see results. There is no quick fix. 🙂


  • So true. A little sore and I’ll return the next day. Too sore and I know I’ll skip the next day or two! Great advice!

  • adailydoseoffit

    Love it when I’m sore after a workout. Hurts so good! Haha!

  • Thanks Teresa! Glad you enjoyed the post!

  • Cynthia @craftoflaughter

    What great advice, especially today when my legs feel like jello, LOL

  • good to know! I’ve been doing a boot camp class for over a month now and definitely feel stronger. it’s hard to say I see results because if they’re there, I don’t see them yet. I do see more muscle definition, but I hope I can see more tone and fat loss soon! thanks for this ♥

  • Tianna,

    You’re welcome. Fat loss will depend a lot on your nutrition. Even more so than your workouts, surprisingly. If you can dial in your nutrition, you will start seeing that fat loss in accompaniment to your workouts! <3