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This week I have been having a blast participating in the prAna #7daystretch challenge! PrAna provided me an awesome pair of Halle pants to review and romp around in. I have been wearing them for all kinds of activities! PrAna is sponsoring me in the challenge but all opinions are my own. If you would like to see me getting goofy and jumping around in my new pants, make sure you follow me on Instagram @CohesiveFitness.

Welcome now to a wonderful workout Wednesday! What have you been doing to sweat it out lately? The workout I have for you is not for the faint of heart and will have you glowing {i.e. sweating your butt off} in no time at all! It’s the Hottie HIIT and I designed it myself for the 5 Day Reset that myself and Heather Pavlik hosted last week. Speaking of the reset, you can download the challenges for free just for joining the Cohesive Fitness VIP List here.

This HIIT workout is designed to be fast paced. If you don’t know what one of the moves are, feel free to ask me on Instagram or Twitter @CohesiveFitness.

Hottie HIIT

hottie hiitPlease modify this workout as you need to! Take extra time in between each set as you need to also, and take at least 90 seconds between each round of the main workout component. The printable doesn’t show much rest, but it’s designed to go at your own pace. Within the 1 minute, just do as many as you can with PROPER form. If that means two good pushups, I would rather you do that than 50 with poor form that will cause you to injure yourself.

Please consult a medical doctor before beginning any new fitness program. This workout is not intended for those completely new to exercise.

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Since it’s Wednesday I’m linking up at Wild Workout Wednesday with Annmarie at The Fit Foodie Mama

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  • Love, love, love this workout! Thanks so much for sharing and linking up 🙂

  • Brandi Wolf

    I’m loving your prAna “Challenge” photos 🙂 happy to see your pants are performing beautifully! ~ Brandi @ Java and Sole