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People have some good things to say about Cohesive Fitness and Stephanie Benton. Cohesive Fitness was recently launched on May 1, 2015 and is a blog about healthy living from the inside out. Cohesive Fitness is bringing together all aspects of your life to create a healthy and united whole.

Stephanie Benton is a Pilates Instructor and freelance community manager and writer. The links below are a combination of accolades and guests posts about Cohesive Fitness and Stephanie Benton.

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Guest Posts

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  • Hi Stephanie! I wanted to say hello from a fellow fitness blogger and ACE fitpro! I found your blog through the IDEA Inspired Blogger FB page and thought I’d pop by. Loving it here!

  • Thanks Ellyn you’re sweet! I was just checking your blog out too! So great! How long have you been blogging? It’s been a little over 3 months for me now! 🙂

  • That’s awesome! Wow, you’ve put up a lot of content in just 3 months! I’m impressed! Did you design your site yourself or did you hire someone to design it? (I’m always curious what people choose to do.) I’ve been blogging since October of 2014, so a little over 8 months. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  • I purchased a theme and did the upload and customizations myself. My background is in social media and online communication so it was almost second nature for me. I am thinking of changing the layout to an actual website however to promote my local classes and privates, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I write 3 times a week and think I only missed one post total so far! 😛 It’s a full time job almost but I love it,