Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

Trac Your Progress
Great for the match-centered who have more commitment than workout room, the Stamina BodyTrac Glider is the compact, portable rowing equipment that fits into any region and conveniently stands on end for storing in between exercise sessions. The BodyTrac Glider options whole-range-of-movement rowing arms to make it possible for a pure rowing motion, optimizing the tested advantages rowing delivers the total entire body. For the reason that rowing is an extremely successful, small-impression cardio exercising that obviously targets main muscle groups, the 23.5″ x 46″ BodyTrac Glider lets you fortify and tighten your again, legs, arms, abdominals and glutes using a one machine.

Long lasting Comfort for More time Workouts
The BodyTrac Glider is developed to increase your limited-term outcomes while also supporting your extended-time period targets. So you can generate obvious final results now, the glider is developed for convenience throughout for a longer period routines. The ball-bearing roller process and adjustable hydraulic cylinder resistance arms allow clean, reduced-impression actions that mimic rowing on the h2o. And the mix of a padded, molded seat and metal frame with aluminum heart beam features a stable, snug training for several years to appear.

Multi-operate Observe for Determination
To support you continue being enthusiastic, Stamina equips the BodyTrac Glider with a multi-functionality fitness observe that tracks your recent training time, stroke count and calories burned as properly as whole strokes accumulated (all time), letting you observe your development toward physical fitness targets. Decide on Scan Manner to rotate among the capabilities, exhibiting every progress counter for six seconds. As handy as the watch is, supplied that rowing is one particular of the most productive physical exercises for strengthening muscle mass, escalating rate of metabolism, and burning calories & fat, your preferred development tracker may perhaps just show to be your individual mirror.

One of a kind, total-selection-of-movement rowing mimics remaining on the h2o
Multi-operate electronic observe to hold you motivated
Comfy molded seat
Adjustable, hydraulic cylinder resistance for a sleek rowing stroke
Foldable arms for compact storage
Textured footplates with straps to hold your toes protected
Foam padded hand grips for convenience
Sturdy, steel body design.

Value: $112.29 - $111.99

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