Yes4All Combo Tricep Rope, V-Shaped Bar & Revolving / Rotating Straight Bar – V-Shaped Press Down Bar – Tricep Rope Pull Down – Lat Pull Down Bar

Sure4All Tricep Rope
Great for all lat pull cable workout routines and simply hooked up to cable clips though the rubber finish grips offer a safe gripping surface for the users. Wonderful for exercises this kind of as the cable incline force down, shut-grip front lat pull down, straight arm pull downs, beneath hand cable pull down, and V-bar pull down.

Materials: Chrome plated strong steel bar- Warranty: 90 day minimal warranty
 Dimension: 12″ length, ¼” diameter
 Item bodyweight: 12 lbs
 Max excess weight ability: 500lbs
 Color: Black Braided Rope

Indeed4All Rotating Straight Bar
This bar is a great addition to your home gymnasium or Smith device. Best for tricep push-downs, straight bar curls, upright rows, seated rows, plus much more. This bar The bar features a tough steel development, revolving hanger, rubber handgrips with rubber finishes.

 Material: Sound chrome metal
 Dimension: 18″ long, 1″ diameter, pounds 5 lbs.
 Shipping body weight: 1.6 lbs .
 Textured handles, knurling, chrome complete. Professional class.

Indeed4All Tricep V Formed Press Down Bar
V-shaped push down stable metal bar of Indeed4All characteristics  a higher, polished chrome end. Ideally employed with Lat device, Weight lifting and exercise cable attachments for human body-constructing exercise session.

 Material: good metal bar with Significant, polished chrome finish
 Textured and knurling handles for snug grip
 Shipping fat: 5.1 pounds Dimension: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
Bundle Features: A 27-inch size cable attachment Tricep rope, an 18-inch size x 1-inch dia straight rotating stable Chrome pull down bar and a V-Shaped Chrome push down bar
TEXTURED, NON-SLIP Handle: Ergonomic textured grip stops slipping in the course of work out, knurled handles appropriate for all cable methods
Industrial Course Quality: Good chrome metal revolving straight, revolving hinge, bar permits unrestricted movement
Strong BRAIDED TRICEP ROPE: Weighty-obligation coated black nylon braided rope (rope size) with solid rubber finishes
MULTI-USAGES: Suitable for triceps press-downs, straight bar curls, upright rows, seated rows, and a lot of more physical exercises

Price tag: $34.49

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